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We all want a brighter future for ourselves and our families.FUNDZ.com brings you investment opportunities that work for you.

Our team of financial experts are industry professionals with many years of experience in the financial markets. They are here to advise and assist you to ensure your investments are performing to their highest potential. You stay in control of your finances anytime and anywhere with our state of the art trading platform.

FUNDZ.com offers the latest news and opinions from the financial sector so you are well informed to make the right choices. Choose from a selection of portfolios that offer market protection and high returns. Customize your own portfolios or allow our experts assist you in creating one.

Leading industry professionals with proven track records are available to offer their personal guidance you can trust.

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We will take care of your investments so you can plan for a better future.


FUNDZ.com has a wide choice of investment portfolios to suit your requirements.

Our investment strategies are designed so you reach your profit objectives according to the levels of tradeoff between risk and return determined by you. Our wide range of portfolios target specific geographical regions, assets and industry sectors to give you the flexibility of choice.

You have full control and access to all your investments in real time through our website and application.

Whatever portfolio you choose you can be sure that your money is working for you, day and night

Reports are easily available and show transparent, detailed information regarding your account activity. Our notification system is customizable so you can decide what news and information you wish to be alerted to. FUNDZ.com’s sophisticated software platform and application gives you the ability to open and close positions with the click of a button. All your data is safe and secure and can only be accessed by you, your investments are protected with us.


How We Work Together

  • You tell us what objectives and expectations you have for your investments either by completing a quick questionnaire or by speaking directly to one of our agents.
  • We then offer our range of portfolios that fit your requirements.
  • You can monitor your portfolio’s performance whenever you want and should you choose to close any positions you are able to do so easily.

You can monitor your portfolio’s performance whenever you want and should you choose to close any positions you are able to do so easily.


To customize your personal investment plan we need to ask you 6 simple questions.